Introducing our comprehensive bundle of three highly specialised courses for dog industry professionals.

The bundle includes Applied Canine Behaviour Learning 3 (ACBL3), Pup & Young Dog Development Specialist 4 (PYDDS4) and Applied Canine Behaviour Specialist 4 (ACBS4), all designed to elevate your knowledge and practical skills to an advanced level.

 ACBL3 offers a science-based approach to understanding modern research on animal behaviour and its modification. You will learn applied training protocols and procedures used by top-tier trainers, breeders, and behaviour consultants to enhance your theoretical and practical knowledge of applied animal psychology, behavioural science, and canine learning processes.

 PYDDS4 is a specialised course designed for industry professionals involved in the rearing and development of pups and adolescent dogs.     You will learn in-depth aspects of pup and young dog rearing & development that impact the dog's later psychosocial attitudes, temperament, confidence, cooperative schema, and of course its behaviour.

 ACBS4 offers a world-class higher-education certification program that provides you with a diverse range of protocols, procedures and tools used by professional trainers, veterinary behaviourists, and behaviour consultants in assessing and dealing with developmental, psychosocial and higher-order behavioural issues.

With this course, you will gain advanced knowledge and practical skills in the assessment, management and rectification of higher-order and complex behavioural problems such as maladaptive fear & phobias, anxiety disorders, stress sensitivity, hyper-reactivity, aggression, resource guarding, and separation stress/anxiety.

 This bundle offers you the opportunity to acquire specialised knowledge and practical skills to enhance your proficiency and performance as a professional dog trainer, behaviour consultant, or veterinarian.

Take your career to the next level with our comprehensive bundle of three advanced courses.

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